Flip Flop Hangers

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Phineas offers a range of flip flop hanger products and expertly designed sandal hangers to help any footwear retailer optimize their use of space and create a visually pleasing display. These flip flop hangers are available to buy from our US web store.

We are experienced manufacturers and suppliers of quality sandal hangers and flip flop hangers, and our products are trusted by some of the world?s leading stores. Our multipurpose designs mean we can provide the ideal hanger for flip flops, sandals or any other footwear to a broad range of clients.

At Phineas, we are constantly developing hangers to meet the changing needs of our clients, from the smallest specialized shoe shop to large supermarket chains requiring high-density displays. .

Phineas offers simple solutions to all footwear presentation and packaging requirements. We do this by manufacturing state-of-the-art flip flop hanger designs and sandal hangers of the highest quality.